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jé Magazine, pronounced [zhay], is an international quarterly luxury lifestyle magazine (The Art and Lifestyle of Jazz™), targeting brand-conscious, high-end, savvy readership. Covering the jazz culture and the arts, the magazine focuses on covering luxury lifestyle, fashion, beauty, wine & spirits and the gourmet culinary arts – all tying in to the exquisite world of the jazz aficionado.

Featuring a combination of international and localized content in Las Vegas, from interviews with influential music artists, fashion couture's, sommelier's to top-chefs, the quarterly magazines aim to increase the awareness and participation in diverse musical experiences through high-end, tasteful lifestyle consciousness.


Targeted distribution is primarily available by paid subscription.

jé Magazine is founded by critically-acclaimed singer/songwriter and producer Bunny Sexton and world renowned trumpeter Bijon Watson. "Our goal is to inspire awareness, style and participation in diverse musical and artistic experiences, wearing classier clothing when going out on the town", explains Sexton. "To entice the desire in being fashionable, classy, sexy and cool, taking pride in what you wear and how you carry yourself – a new café society of today, if you will. Be extravagantly frivolous."

Per Year

4 Issues




Paid Subscription

Age Group

30 - 55+

Gender Distribution

50% female

50% male

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